September 23, 2017  
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John Rowe Yellow Horse
Jon Rowe Stamps
John Rowe Tiger Ocean
John Rowe Ship
John Rowe Sea Star
John Rowe Pirates
John Rowe Moonlight
John Rowe Mare & Foal
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Maria Rabinky University of San Diego
Pat TurnerRainbow Falls
Fiona Gilbert Disney Group
Maria Rabinky  Dominance Game
Patrick Jones Dark Angel
Mother Goose Aron
John Watson Snow Speeder
Robert kalafut Rocket Launch
Gino Hasler Birds Lung
Cory Wolfe 4 friends
Fiona Gilbert Nutcracker
Corey Wolfe Dragonride
Scott Angle  Leaky Page
Jim Haynes Library
Patrick Jones Deathstalker
Fiona Gilbert Doll Insert
John Rowe Belle
Gino Hasler Benz
Adrian Chesterman Swimming Dolfins
Gino Hasler Sinoscopy
Eddie Young  Limerick Train
Eddie Young  Messy Fridge
Scott Angle Football Team
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Carole Newman founded our company in 1989.

Carole Newman & Associates is a Creative Resource Agency and we work with an extensive range of creative talent, both digital and traditional. This includes, but is not limited to, Designers, Photographers, Illustrators, 3D, Digital, and Interactive Artists.

If you have a specific style in mind that you would like for your project, and you don’t see it here we are happy to research our files and email the appropriate samples to you.

Thank you for visiting our Web Site and look forward to hearing from you. 

 Illustrations may not be used for any purpose without permission of Carole Newman & Associates.

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